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Welcome to my personal webpage about tractor pulling. This website is not linked to or affiliated with any official website or organisation, it is just, as it says, a personal webpage.

I discovered Tractor Pulling (well, not personally of course, it already existed way before I discovered it, it is just that I didn't know about its existence neither yet) back in 1987 or maybe it was in 1988 in Kapelle (Netherlands) where, not knowing what to expect from it seeing it for the first time, big names like Popeye, Dombo, Renosaurus, Speedy, Green Spirit, It Kypmantsje and many others made quite an impression.
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from back then, because my father was rather into videofilming than taking pictures.

It wasn't as much the noise that impressed me, but rather the admiring for the people who accomplished such engineering and building those machines. Back then, I had a moped and managed (okay, I cheated, I admit) by replacing the cilinder and piston to squeeze a bit more out of it, but these machines certainly put "tuning" back into perspective...

What is Tractor Pulling ?

Well, I'm Dutch, I work in France for a french company specialised in the B2B computersystem applications and, especially at time of writing these pages with the ongoing soccer championships, I get it a lot that co-workers walk into my office and ask me if I watched the matches on television and what I thought about it. Now I've never been a particular fan of soccer which usually pretty much ends the conversation, but then when they ask what kind of sport I do like my answer is "Tractor Pulling".

Tractor what ??? (I get that a lot too, amazed and wondering expression on faces because they have no clue). Well yes, it may be (far) less popular than soccer on television, so what, it surely does exist !
After their surprise follows mine; co-workers who are allround knowledgable, broad amount of general knowledge and interrests, but have never heard of Tractor Pulling... Shame on them. It happens to be the most powerful motorsport in the world !

The question that usually follows, then what is Tractor Pulling, is more difficult to explain in just two words.

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