When speaking about tractor pulling, one of course could think about every-day tractors one sees out in the fields in the farmland. True, of course, but not only. To create competition between machines, one can't avoid to have to group some in categories to obtain "alike" competitive machines. For tractors that still look like regular ones, there is the category standard, sport and super-sport. Within each of those groups, tractors are again classified by weigth (2.5t, 3.5t, aso..). For the sport and supersport, regulations indicate what is allowed and limited to boost the engines.

Where one maybe doesn't think about right away by hearing "tractor pulling", are for instance the Trucks, cars, prostocks and superstocks, 2 Wheel Drives (2.6t), unlimited 0.95t category, unlimited 2.5t, 3.5t and 4.5t categories. For these "unlimited" categories, often just only the rearwheels recall a distant memory of a common tractor. "unlimited" in these categories doesn't mean of course that just everything is allowed, there some limitations, in the first place the maximum weight of the tractor itself. The choice of engines is free but there are some exceptions. Every type of engine has a certain number of points and the maximum number of points that may be used for each category is limited. Each tractor (or parts of it) need to pass an admission check each year upon which is verified if security regulations and certain limits are respected.

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