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All pictures on this website are my own, which I've taken at the several matches that I've visited. I know that I'm an average photographer using a small camera and therefor the pictures might not be of great quality. Therefor, as I couldn't even imagine someone could use them, they are NOT copyright or whatever protected. If you want to use one, by all means, go ahead. In that case, please copy the image rather than creating a direct hot-link.

The videos on these pages however, as I spent a lot of time getting these from my dad's old video tapes into web-suitable media, are copyrighted. Please do not copy or hotlink them. If you would like to obtain a copy of any of these videos, please just let me know.

I'm also not a specialist and only write my own experiences and what I know. If you find faulty or incorrect information on this website that should require correction, please inform me about it.

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