Security and safety measures

kill switch

Tractor pulling being a mechanical sport where great forces are at work, implentation of safety rules is important. One of them is the installation, on each tractor, of a kill-switch. The switch is attached with a small cable to the trailer. If the tractor was to break free from the trailer, it will automatically have its kill-switch activated which interrupts the ignition of the engines.

An other safety messure is the presence of a steel (or equivalent) cage to protect the driver in case the tractor would go wild and might roll over.

angle limiters

Tractors are also equiped with metal feet, mounted behind the rear axle, that will prevent the tractor from flipping over backwards. It limits the maximum angle a tractor can take when taking off with a wheelie. In combination are often hard rubber blocks installed to absorbe the shock of the trailer hitting the back of the tractor when braking or in case of problems.

Also the presence of buckets of water along the sides of the track is part of the safety. In case of (engine) fires, water is always present. It should be noted that methanol and alcohol have a white kind of flame which is, in daylight, very difficult to see.

protection of moving parts

To protect as well drivers as watching crowed, (fast) moving parts should be covered. Some tractors will use a sort of blanket, others, for instance to protect blower belts, might use steel plating. This prevents, in case of failures or breakdowns, that fast moving parts could get slingshot away. As strange as it might sound, also small parts, like wheels of a turbo, are protected by a metal cross inside the exhaust pipe. As this is a fast moving part and due to exhaust pressure, mounting a metal cross should prevent it from spinning away in case if it should break.

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