Tractor Pulling impressions 2008

Eventhough I enjoy and like visiting Tractor Pulling matches a lot, I just don't have as much time as I wish I would have. Curious thing, eventhough I live in France, most of the matches I visit are in Holland. I've only visited the tractor pulling match in Eext and in Meerkerk, where I went and completely forgot my photocamera at home (stupid, stupid, stupid). Oh well, the experiences aren't less fun, it is just that I don't have any pictures of it.

For the first time in some years now I had the pleasure of meeting in Meerkerk the Bad Boys Toy team in person and their beautiful Massey Ferguson V8 Pro-stock. Quite an impressive machine. Besides being a donating member of the NTTO living abroad, I'm also member of the club of 50 of the Bad Boys Toy. To me, it is the most beautiful and unique tractor in the Pro-stock field and I always enjoy watching it in action. I hope they'll be around for quite some time to come.

New also in 2008 is the 950kg Modified puller The Riddle. I've seen the machine in action for the first time in Meerkerk, a beautiful piece of machinery in a nice-looking color combination and most certainly already providing promising results. Quite a prestation for a "newby" of which you would rather think they manage the machine for years already.

In the same categorie, 950kg Modified, entered the Lion King. Unfortunately the machine didn't feel like running that day. Personally I think it is too bad that the towing tractors didn't take the time to tow away participants by going to the end of the track first before turning around. At least that would have given everyone a possibility to see new tractors passing by. Oh well, I couldn't have taken a picture of it anyways as I forgot my camera...

In the super-stock categorie there was the new Hurricane. I guess their absence and time they took to build it was more than worth it, because the machine seemed to run smooth and perfect.

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