What is Tractor Pulling ?

Actually, to keep it short, it is a motorsport where tractors try to move a weight over a distance of 100 meters (outdoor) without crossing the left or right bounderies of the track.
Of course is there a lot more to know to it.
Like for instance the "weight" which is being pulled is not a constant weight; it starts off "light" and gets heavier in function of the distance travelled.

Tractor Pulling

Depending on the reglementation used, each participant gets one or two tries to make it to the full length of the track, which is called a "full pull", to continue to the finals ("pull off"). For each pull, a participant may decide voluntarily within 20 meters of the start to abort the attempt and request to be pulled back into starting position for a new try. In that case, the track will not be "cleaned" (prepared) as which would be the case in between participants. If a participant decides to use the second attempt to reach for the full-pull, but doesn't make it, the highest travelled distance of the two attempts will be noted for the final score.
If several participants made it to a full-pull, a final round will take place with a floating finish.

A special case are the first two (or three) participants of each category. As it may need to be tested first wheter or not the trailer they pull is correctly configured and if it is decided that the configuration needs to be changed, these participants may be required to start over (if the trailer has been set heavier).

Of course are there several security measures between the tractor and the trailer.

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